Family Goals: Just the Three of Us

A happy family is always the desire of most of us. However, family feelings will not be passionate if the members do not know how to keep the fire. It is often said that men build houses, women build nests. This is true, but it is not enough because if there is only a woman’s hand that other members cannot cultivate, it is not complete. Therefore, cultivating family happiness requires cooperation from members. Here are 10 pocket tips to help your family feel more bonded and happy, please refer to it!

1. Spend a lot of time talking together

Spending a lot of time talking and interacting between family members may seem simple, but with today’s busy life it’s a rare thing for many families. Talking not only helps parents and children better understand each other, but also helps solve many problems. For example, when a member has a problem, the advice and sharing of other members will warm the heart, and have a smarter way to solve the problem.

Chat is an invisible cord that connects family members. If children talk to their parents regularly in the house, they will feel warm, loved and cared for. Conversely, children who rarely talk to their parents will feel lost, lonely and from there they see that their parents are not really trustworthy enough to confide in.

The whole family should take advantage of the time together to talk, do not think that your children are young and do not need to understand adult stories, so limit sharing stories about your work and life. Feel free to share with your child about all the topics you want and be interested in their stories!

2. Shared dinner

The time between parents and children is often not much, especially for busy people. However, after a tiring working day, dinner the whole family gather together to enjoy dinner is wonderful. You will see the warmth of the family atmosphere when the whole family has dinner together. Occasionally, you can change the wind with dinner at restaurants and pubs attended by all members.

It is even more wonderful when the whole family goes to the kitchen or sometimes the husband arranges time in the kitchen to cook for his wife and children the foods the whole family likes. It is important to spend some time eating dinner together to make the family feel better. For wives and mothers, it is a great joy to see their husband and children enjoy the dinner they have prepared. So, don’t forget to give compliments to encourage the women you love as they enter the kitchen.

3. Do housework together

The concept of the East is that they often leave housework to their wives, but this is not recommended. The chores are common and family members need to take responsibility. When parents and children do housework together, it will help to share the hard work for the woman, and at the same time help the family gather together. In addition, your child also needs to be taught how to do chores to take care of himself. Parents can guide their children to do small and big things depending on their age.

When doing housework, members have the opportunity to be together, talk together, it is also the connection between members. When the husband and children share the responsibility of sharing the housework, they feel more responsible for their family and have a warm home to go home.

4. Plan outings when possible

Short or long trips are very meaningful to the whole family. Going out not only helps all members effectively relieve stress, but also helps parents and children feel happier and closer. Outings will help you feel the warmth that only your family can have.

Besides, your family should also often walk together, go out for meals … with all members. In fact, many families do not have enough time for meals, let alone go out. However, you need to review this because it greatly affects family life. If the time between parents and children is too little, then surely all members of the family will feel deprived of the atmosphere of a true family. They are young and need their parents to spend a lot of time with them. So, take your children out when possible so that they can learn many good things and feel their parents’ love and warmth for them.

5. Parents know how to listen to their children

Listening to their ideas is very important because it will make them feel respected and cared for. When babies say anything, parents should also listen to their ideas and really many times their ideas are very good, very welcome.

Everyone has their own opinion and do not think that the child is young so you cannot contribute any ideas to the family. On the contrary, children need to be trained early to contribute their ideas to the common work. That is also a way to train their thinking in the future. When your child has an opinion, parents should think and if it is a suitable idea, encourage the child, if that opinion is not really correct, then analyze and explain to the child. When their parents listen to their ideas, they themselves feel important and are trusted by their parents, from which they will develop more.

6. Equality, mutual respect

In a family, equality and mutual respect are very important and that is the foundation for a happy family. You should not have a distinction of authority in the family because the husband and wife have separate roles. The important thing is to try to do well in these roles and harmonize with each other so that the feelings are more salty, especially sympathy for each other to overcome all.

Also between parents and children, two generations play different roles, so there are different responsibilities. Parents also do not ask too much from their children, but it is important to understand and sympathize with their children. Children have the right to make decisions on their own, so parents should be counselors and guides, but the right to decide is left to them. If the children can follow their wishes, they will find themselves respected by their parents and will be more respectful from that.

7. Create consensus between parents and children

In a family, it is not always possible to have a common voice because each person has a different personality. It is important to find a common voice among the members. Her grandparents had a saying: “The husband and wife will slap the East Sea is dry,” and yes, if they find the same tune, everyone will understand and sympathize with each other.

In many families, the husband now plays the role of the decision maker, so he does not consult his wife and children. However, this is discouraged because it shows the husband’s tyranny. An idea is often not as good as many ideas, so let’s discuss and agree on all issues in the family before doing it, it will bring better results. Moreover, the members feel that they are more responsible. Let all members have a say, your family will make a smarter decision.

8. Helping, sharing all difficulties in life together

This sounds very easy because many people think that sharing the responsibility of raising children and money is doing a good job with the family, however, in reality, it is not like sharing your money. Another important aspect is mental sharing.

Any big or small thing should also be shared for members to understand and help each other. The failure to share and help is probably the main cause of a broken marriage. The husband, wife or children all have their own problems with work and life. Therefore, it is important to discuss together to help each other through. Listen, understand and empathize for your family to be closer. For children, this sharing is even more important because it is a stepping stone to help them overcome and stand firm in the times of falling.

9. Encourage each other to do good deeds

Compliments and encouragement are very important because it helps us to have motivation in life. So, do not save the praise for each other when parents and children have good deeds. In addition, you should also have gifts and rewards to motivate your members to work together.

For many families, compliments may seem economical and criticism is wasteful, but think that each individual has self-esteem and always wants to assert himself. So why not give each other proper compliments and limit unnecessary criticism? Good deeds are not only beneficial for individuals and families but also for the whole society, so good action is worth the encouragement and motivating family members to do it together.

10. Consider family number 1

Family is important to everyone and consider family number 1, the most peaceful place that everyone can have, then you will be excited to return to your home. Think behind you as a happy family filled with the laughter, warmth of loved ones. So, wherever you go, you still want to go home to feel this peaceful happiness.

Family is a home that makes us feel happy after the chaos of life outside.

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