Men who love sincerely when having sex will show how?

Up to now, many women have wondered about the issue that men love sincerely when having sex. Women are inherently sensitive, so they notice little by little about their lover. Besides showing love through words, guys can also show them through actions. And one of the things that proves him the most manly is the relationship. So, when having sex, how do gentlemen show that they truly love? The following article will help you find the answer.

1. Why do many women want to know that men love sincerely during sex?

Most women are very sensitive and live very affectionately. Therefore, when falling in love with a man, they notice and evaluate that man in many ways. Because a woman’s youth are only for a time, they want to entrust their status to a worthy person.

Because of the above reasons, women often fall in love passionately. Combined with inherent sensitivity, most women notice their lover in many ways. They don’t simply accept a man who loves him with words alone. But they want more than that. Such as care, care, consideration. And that final destination is sex.

Unlike women, the majority of men are not sexually important. They can have sex with people they don’t love just to satisfy their physiological needs. Therefore, women really want to know how men who love sincerely during sex will manifest.

Knowing these expressions, women will feel more secure. At the same time will trust your partner, partner. All doubts are cleared will help preserve the happiness of the couple as well as the family.

2. What does a man mean when having sex?

Love here is not just love, care or care, but “love” when having sex. It means actions, gestures, words stemming from a man’s sincere love during sex.

At the same time, it also includes the manifestations that the man has after having sex. Because in order to assess a true lover, it is necessary to define 3 times before – during and after sex. If they all agree on the same, then it proves that he truly loves you. And if he just wants to “love one night” then after “falling in love”, he will “turn over”, will be indifferent.

3. Signs that help identify men who love sincerely during sex

Men who love sincerely when having sex will have the following manifestations:

3.1. Look at your lover fondly

His gaze on you when “in love” is a nonverbal language. It shows very clearly signs that men love sincerely during sex. The man will look at you fondly. At the same time looking deeply into your eyes as if to show that he loves you very much.

There are cases where he only looks at the genitals, looks at the wall, looks through the window, … This proves that he only comes to you for sexual purposes, not for love. Be careful with people like this, because they often won’t love sincerely.

3.2. A kiss is the beginning and end of a relationship

If he is a sincere girlfriend, he will pay a lot of attention to both the foreplay and the end. Your true lover will kiss you dearly at the beginning of love. And kiss you a sincere kiss at the end of the love affair.

3.3. Be ready to stop if the woman is uncomfortable

This is one of the most obvious signs of a man’s true love during sex. If he truly loves you, he will be very attentive to your feelings. Not only does he notice his own pleasures, but he also wants to bring pleasure to his partner.

Once you feel uncomfortable, painful, the man in love will stop immediately. As for guys who only come to you for sex, it’s different. They will not pay attention to your feelings, only think for themselves. They still leisurely enjoy the happiness, regardless of their partner having any unpleasant feelings.

3.4. Want to have pleasure at the same time with your girlfriend

When he is in genuine love, a man will always want himself and his girlfriend to “finish” at the same time. In this way, both people will be sublimated, with sexual satisfaction. For those who are not honest, they will be selfish to only know “to the top” alone. Regardless of whether your partner is sublimated, has orgasm or not.

3.5. Communicate with female friends regularly during sex

This is the act of showing care of the guys when “in love”. The man who truly loves you will ask questions such as:

  • Are you in pain?
  • Is it comfortable to do in this position?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you too tired?
  • Do you make me uncomfortable?

For those who are just for the sake of sex, they rarely interact with a girlfriend. They are just engrossed in their feelings, just enjoying themselves. At the same time not interested in girlfriends.

3.6. Respect the woman during sex

Men who genuinely love when having sex will respect their girlfriends. Respect shows in his choice of:

  • A place for two people to have sex.
  • Posture when “in love”
  • Act when you “love”. Such as caressing, using mouth, using hands, …
  • Mode fan or air conditioner when “in love”.
  • Choose music to listen to when “in love”.
  • Even choose the perfume that your girlfriend loves during sex.
  • Use a condom or not.

3.7. Do not pay attention to the shortcomings of your girlfriend

If he loves you sincerely, that man will not pay attention to your flaws. Many times you feel guilty because the body is a bit round, the face is a bit acne. However, those are the cute features that make him love you more.

In addition, he is willing to generously ignore your immaturity in bed. Then, he will present himself as an experienced person. At the same time will enthusiastically guide you as well as work with you.

3.8. Prolong foreplay minutes

False people often just want to quickly take possession of the woman’s body. At the same time quickly reach orgasm point for sexual gratification. On the contrary, men who love sincerely when having sex will slowly and gently stimulate sensitive points on the woman’s body.

Someone who truly loves you will understand the meaning of foreplay. Therefore, he will slowly but not “pounce” you like “hunting”. He can choose a romantic space, warm lights, pleasant scent, …

3.9. Responsible for your girlfriend

The man who loves it when having sex will take responsibility for what he did to you. He will be planning a wedding, debuting parents on both sides. Even if you become pregnant, he won’t abandon you and will willingly accept the responsibility of being a father.

3.10. Hug your girlfriend after falling in love

After the “love”, the fake guy will often sit up immediately and do not care about his girlfriend. Regardless of whether you are short, tired or in “not a piece”.

On the contrary, the person who truly loves you will hug you with a warm embrace. Because he wants to let you know that you’re not alone after the “love”. He will dress you up. And moreover, hug you to sleep until morning.

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