What Makes For the Perfect Holiday

The thought of a family vacation can make parents shiver, especially when the vacation includes the kids. But don’t worry! With thoughtful and careful planning, you and your loved one will have a memorable trip. Keep in mind the following tips:

1. Find a kid-friendly hotel

If it’s just your husband and wife, it’s easy, it’s fine to find a room for any kind. But once you have more children with you, you have to give them your first priority, first choosing a hotel. You should book a room at a family-friendly hotel that offers facilities such as:

  • There is a swimming pool for children.
  • Located near the park, attractions that kids love.
  • Around there are many convenience stores or supermarkets, making it easy to find and buy items for children as well as for families.
  • A room with a clear view, making children not feel cramped when returning to the hotel.

2. Make a list of items to bring

If you do not make a list of things to bring, you can easily miss one thing, forget the other. Unfortunately, it is children’s belongings such as clothes, food, toys … you will face many troubles arising during the trip.

Therefore, before going about 3-5 days, please write down on paper about personal items that are indispensable in the journey. Surely the first listing will not be complete, and in the following days, every time you remember something, you fill it up again. By the last day before the trip, almost everything is ready and you only have to prepare.

3. Learn how to pack smart suitcases

Bulky luggage not only makes the members move heavy, but also makes people feel troublesome. Therefore, you need to pack as light as possible. Try the following guidelines:

Cut clothes: Whether you’re traveling individually or with family members, clothes take up the most space in the luggage compartment. So how to cut it? Bring around 3-4 mix-and-match outfits for each person. Priority is to bring 1-2 more sets for children, in case they get dirty while playing.
The way the clothes are arranged is also very important. Please curl up each item and place them in the suitcase. This is the most space-saving arrangement.
No need to bring what you can buy at the destination: Diapers, shampoo, snacks … are widely available in tourist destinations. So leave them at home. This will save a lot of space for the suitcase.

4. Make a gentle outing plan

Although the land you are about to explore has many interesting places to visit, think about the children. Will they be strong enough and patient enough to follow you to all those points? That is not to mention there are places like museums, temples, and temples … that have absolutely no attraction to children. Ideally, you should only plan to explore 1-2 destinations per day, and leave time for the children to eat and rest. Children will be exhausted when they have to move from place to place from dawn to dusk.

Another note is to consult children’s preferences, ask them where they like to go out, what to eat … thereby drawing them a happy prospect about the trip. Creating a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the children means that you have contributed to making the trip perfect.

5. See your doctor before going

Traveling is a must for health, no one denies this truth. Therefore, you must ensure your health and that of your relatives are good enough to fully enjoy the trip.

For international travel: See your doctor at least two months in advance to see if you need any vaccinations or vitamin supplements, especially when the land you go to is epidemic.
Domestic travel: General health check 1 week before. Your doctor will advise which medications you should bring with you.

You must ensure that you and your loved one are healthy enough to fully enjoy the trip.

6. Invest in travel insurance

Travel insurance can protect your family against unforeseen risks during your trip. If you’re traveling on a tour, the tours will take care of this. But in the case of self-sufficient travel, you need to find out about the benefits that travel insurance offers to your family to choose the right one, and remember to buy as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your departure date or when you arrive to buy insurance. At that time, the cost is not only higher, but the procedure will be more inconvenient, and the travel insurance package does not protect the entire trip. Here are some notes when purchasing travel insurance:

Credibility of an insurance company is very important, even more important than choosing the right insurance package. Many people think: “Already insurance, every company is the same”, but when there are risks, reputable companies will respond professionally to situations as well as handle fast claims.

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